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DiNostalgia Widget APK MOD [v.3.4.3] for Android

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Latest Version 3.4.3
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Update August 22nd, 2021
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Description of DiNostalgia Widget [3.4.3]

DiNostalgia Widget [3.4.3] updated on Sunday August 22, 2021 is the Casual for Android developed by R. Magri

App description

This app is inspired by the classic virtual pet keychain from the 1990s. Feed it, play with it, make it study, take care of it when it gets sick. With a small dose of nostalgia, bring to the screen of your mobile the experience of taking care again of the dinosaurs that were the sensation of the virtual pets in the 90s! Contains expansion packs with 3 other species of dinosaur (velociraptor, pterodáctil and Stegosaurus), Penguin, ET and many other animals such as bear, deer, dog, elephant and shark!

DiNostalgia Widget

1) Birth: Once installed and appearing on the screen, click Config and then Restart, and Yes. This will start the birth process of the virtual pet..
2) Left Menu:

DiNostalgia Widget

2.1) Drink: Select this icon to give the pet water whenever it needs to drink. If it stays thirsty for a long time, it may die prematurely.
2.2) Food: Once selected, you can choose the type of food you want to give the pet whenever it gets hungry. It will evolve differently (Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops) depending on the type of food you give it. If it stays hungry for a long time, it may die prematurely. Giving the pet ice cream does not satisfy its hunger, only makes it happier.
2.3) Lights: Turn off the light when the pet falls asleep to avoid waking up tired.
2.4) Petting: Select this option to pet it, this will increase its intelligence.

DiNostalgia Widget

2.5) Status: Select this icon to check the status of the pet. You can view its age, weight, hunger, thirst, temperature, happiness and education. From this menu it is possible to find out what your pet needs.
3) Right Menu:
3.1) Play: To make the pet happy, you should play rock-paper-scissors (best of 5) with it. It may get dirty after playing. If it gets bored, play with it to get back to normal.
3.2) Study: To discipline the pet, you should make it study whenever necessary.

DiNostalgia Widget

3.3) Bath: When the pet gets dirty, you should give it a bath to prevent it from getting sick, sad and even die.
3.4) Air Conditioning: Turn on/off the air conditioner if the pet gets too cold or too hot. Its ideal temperature is 25°C. It may get sick and even die if it is left too long in a very high or very low temperature.
3.5) Vaccine: Even if you take good care of it, the pet may get sick. If this happens, apply an injection and care for him. If it stays sick for a long time, it may die prematurely.

Whats new of DiNostalgia Widget [3.4.3]

* Bug fixes

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