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WinterCraft: Survival Forest APK MOD [v.] for Android

WinterCraft: Survival Forest [v]
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Update November 19th, 2022
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Description of WinterCraft: Survival Forest []

WinterCraft: Survival Forest [] updated on Saturday November 19, 2022 is the Adventure for Android developed by La Bues

App description

You are in a winter forest and trying to survive at any cost! Will you be able to live at least until dawn?

WinterCraft is a winter forest survival survival game where you will face dangers head on. Get resources, set up a camp, hunt wild animals and explore snow-covered forests!

Many adventures await you: survival in the forest, exploration, hunting, gathering and crafting. You will have to learn a lot to survive: get food, melt snow, hunt animals and keep a fire!

Build your camp

It’s not so easy to survive in the winter forest: you need to build a fire and add firewood to keep warm! Set up a shelter for the night.

Get resources

Collect tree, branches, stones and berries. Craft an ax and pickaxe and chop down trees and rocks. Hunt animals and get meat and skins.


Craft items for survival. Select items from the list and click Craft. Be careful, some items require an active campfire, knife or workbench!


There are many wild animals in the forest. Some are carnivores, some are herbivores. Where will you be in the food chain?

Cold and weather

Frost and wind are your main obstacles to survival! Build a fire and make clothes to keep warm!

Explore the vast winter forest

The winter forest always seems huge and boundless! But has anyone been here before us? And why is no one here now? This is what you have to find out.


• Simulator of survival in the winter forest, where you are one on one with nature and weather
❄ Cycle of day and night with changing weather
❄ Set up camp and keep the fire going
❄Cook food and water on the fire
❄ Huge free world to explore
❄ Stylish graphics and sounds of winter forest
❄ Craft weapons, tools and clothes
❄ Scenic views, magnificent sunsets and sunrises
❄ Detailed tutorial
❄ Animals and hunting

How to play?

➔ Collect resources: wood, stones and branches; they can be found right on the ground
➔ Choose a place and build a campfire and shelter there
➔ Fill the fire with wood
➔ Craft pickaxes to mine stone and iron
➔ Craft bow and arrow
➔ Start hunting for animals: to shoot, pick up a weapon and press the crosshair, then aim the weapon at the target and press the Fire button. Approach an animal and collect resources
➔ Explore locations and find a workbench to make more items
➔ Make warm clothes – keep warm
➔ Watch the level of your needs: sleep, warm yourself, eat, drink.
➔ If any of the needs drops to zero, then your health will begin to decrease. In a dream, it will be restored.

Download WinterCraft for free and try to live as long as possible!

Whats new of WinterCraft: Survival Forest []

- Tutorial Improvement

- Task System Improvement

- Bug fixes

- Sounds of animals

- Animals react to torch and campfire

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