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RubikCalc: Programmable Calculator (Graphing) APK MOD [v.2.5] for Android

RubikCalc: Programmable Calculator (Graphing) [v2.5]
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Description of RubikCalc: Programmable Calculator (Graphing) [2.5]

RubikCalc: Programmable Calculator (Graphing) [2.5] updated on Tuesday June 16, 2020 is the Tools for Android developed by Wisebay Solutions

RubikCalc is a unique, fully programmable calculator that allows you to add all your most used functions at the swipe of a screen, having a very user friendly interface so just about anyone can program this calculator to be a physical, scientific or mathematical in one single custom formula calculator.

You can use your custom formula converted into calculator in no time without any programming skills or experience, just math.

1- Write your own custom calculator with your custom formula
2- See the results in real-time while you type.
4- Save your calculators to use them later (2 only)
5- Supports Trigenometric functions (Sin,Cos,Tan … )
6- Supports Logarithmic functions

PRO Features
* See the steps of the solution step by step
* Table Mode: you can enter multiple inputs and get the output.
* Save unlimited number of calculators.
* Chart Mode: You can create customizable charts and share the results
* Share the results of each calculation.
* Customize your settings: Change the precision of the output (decimal places)

Use the following formula and see the results immediately in real-time debugging.

Example1 (Velocity Calculator)
Distance[m] = x
Time[s] = t
Velocity[m/s] = x/t

Example2 (Desnity Calculator):
Volume[m3] =v
Density[kg/m3] =m/v

Example3 (Volume Calculator):

Example4 (Trigenometric Calculator):

* What is the “programmable custom formula Calculator”?
– It’s an app that allows you to write your custom formula and convert it to custom calculator easily.

* How RubikCalc is different from any other programmable calculator?
– RubikCalc is totally different from other programmable calculator so that it’s not a static app, it’s totally dynamic, you can create your own customized formula calculators and save it and use it later.

* Can I use variables names like this p1,a3?
– No, you cannot mix numbers with letters in variable names, just use single symbols a,b,c,x,y,

* How does the app distinguishes between inputs and outputs?
– Outputs contains formula like this: Velocity=x/t,Square=x^2
While Inputs are just definitions like this: Distance=x, Time=t, Radius=r

* How can i specify units?
– Put the units between brackets after the name like this, Distance[m]=x

* How can i use the logarithmic function?
– Just write log(3),log(4).

* Can i use PI ?
– Yes, just write PI, all capital.

Whats new of RubikCalc: Programmable Calculator (Graphing) [2.5]

* Adding more languages (Turkish/Indian/Czech/Portuguese)

* Adding Ternary Operator, Check this documentation

* Show/Hide solution steps

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