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Bad 2 Bad: Extinction APK MOD [v.3.0.1] for Android

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction [v3.0.1] APK Mod for Android
Size 95M
Latest Version 3.0.1
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Update February 12th, 2022
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Description of Bad 2 Bad: Extinction [3.0.1]

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction [3.0.1] updated on Saturday February 12, 2022 is the Role Playing for Android developed by DAWINSTONE

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction



A new sequel to the well-known game Bad 2 Bad with a new exciting plot in which there will be a lot of stories and innovations. You are waiting for an epic fight with the new forces of evil, go to war with Tailless and his people, show what you can, because more than 20 new players are waiting for you, a wide range of weapons and armor, high level weapons , with which you can feel incredible strength and power. Play for your own pleasure and go into survival mode in an open world, complete quests for randomly generated maps, create your own troop detachment, pump them and defeat them.


The game takes us to a rather strange and interesting world where humans and animals live together in a highly developed society. Over time, however, internal conflicts and disputes have fueled tensions between nations. And a few fanatical groups of humans have formed their own terrorist forces to deal with the animal nations.
The events of the game begin after a devastating missile launch in Syria that left the country in ruins due to the devastating damage it caused. And those behind the attacks, the Tailless Legion, are also beginning their invasions of surrounding countries, despite the efforts of the United Nations.
With the release of the devastating virus from the rockets, millions were turned into mindless zombies. And now the armies of the undead are terrorizing Syria and the surrounding countries. The Wilders – as we call them – spread terror and disease across the country, infecting thousands of people every day. This must be stopped at all costs, or we will lose our entire planet.
In addition, in another attempt to put an end to this madness, a group of elite warriors and heroes was assembled. And their mission is to locate and destroy the AABM (Anti-Animal Biological Missile) launcher before they launch another attack.
Grab your weapons and join our bands of devoted animal heroes as they battle the Tailless Legion and restore peace to the lands. Destroy and wipe out enemy forces in specific areas while defeating the Wilders as you embark on your ultimate journey in Bad 2 Bad Extinction.


BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION continues the story of the previous game BAD 2 BAD: DELTA, in which the player meets Major Pan again with the appearance of a panda. At the same time, players will also face new enemies in this game and have more exciting items to fight them. In addition, not only do you control the character by walking back and forth like in the previous version, but you can also freely move around the environment of this game.
Players experience the game in a 2.5D environment and can move to positions they deem necessary to approach the objective. The goal of the game is also obvious and marked for the player to move to. In other words, you can move more flexibly to avoid aggressive enemies approaching you. New enemies will also be introduced to the game.
The game takes place after what happened in the previous game, and an event has occurred where the Tailless Legion agent caused the current scene with only a single missile. This missile’s properties are dangerous when turning dead people into aggressive zombies. At the same time, they are also summoned in different ways, becoming one of the most dangerous enemies along with the armed enemies.


BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION sets up phases with specific objectives that players must achieve through instructions in this game. Achieving these goals is not all that easy when they occur in a specific area. In other words, if you want to get there, you’ll have to weave your way through a series of zombie enemies ready to attack you.
There are two types of objectives that you can find in the game, namely primary objectives and secondary objectives. Secondary objectives are mainly mechanical elements that you have to interact with for a certain amount of time in order to complete the hack. In the meantime, you will be attacked and if you move away from the target, the process will have to be repeated. The main objective will help you increase the percentage of completion of the area and destroy most of the enemies.
During the game, you will overcome the enemies’ attacks and try to finish within a given time before darkness arrives. Because at this point, the player’s vision will be obstructed and being surrounded by zombies will be challenging. At the same time, killing some enemies will give you some items that will fall and help you increase your health throughout the game. Therefore, this mechanism is slightly different from the mechanism of the backup unit of the previous game.


BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION challenges players on many levels, and the difficulty will gradually increase, so everyone will be hooked throughout the experience. You must move dynamically to avoid enemy attacks and keep your distance. At the same time, you will receive a certain amount of money to improve your character and weapon throughout the game.

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction

In this game, you can add many other characters to support your fight. But most of you still focus on controlling the main character. If you want their actions to be what you want, you can press the Change Tactics button to change the actions and tactics accordingly. At the same time, at the beginning of the game you will only control one character and little by little you will use your money to buy these characters for the team.
The player’s attacks deal a lot of damage to the enemies, but over time there will be many enemies stronger than you, and you need to buy equipment to protect yourself. There will be weapons, shields, and lots of other gear for you to purchase. At the same time, they are also classified according to their rarity, from common to legendary plus. So you will spend a lot of time equipping your character with valuable equipment.


In BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION, you will pass many missions and each mission will help you advance in this game. Killing the main target increases the number of % in a given area. So you will try to complete each location and go to the others. It will undoubtedly take some time for the player as the difficulty gradually increases and the riches in each mission.


* Interesting characters and stories

* Survival, open world style

* A variety of character decorations and weapon modifications

* Over 20 playable characters

* Over 60 weapons and armor based on real life references

* Randomly generated maps and sub-missions

* Shape and build your troops

* Futuristic battles with AI and drones.

Download BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION MOD APK for Android

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction

Speaking of graphics, BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION has 3D graphics that are quite well-designed with war contexts. Despite the cartoon style, the characters are still cool like real soldiers. This keeps you in the game for a very long time.
In short, even though the game isn’t that outstanding in terms of graphics, BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION MOD is still an excellent game that you can’t ignore. Gameplay, storyline, character system, weapons, upgrades, … many reasons for you to download this game on your phone. If you want to delete a game or change your device, log in to the game and save your data.

App description

◆ Caution
Your data will be reset if you change your device or delete the game. Please login on the game and Save the game data before doing so.

◆ Features
– Interesting characters and stories
– Survival, open-world style
– A variety of character decorations and gun modifications
– 20+ playable characters
– 60+ weapons and armors based on real-life references
– Randomly generated maps and sub missions
– Form and grow your troops
– Futuristic combats using AI and drones.

▶ Bad 2 Bad: Extinction Details
Bad 2 Bad: Extinction is a sequel of Bad 2 Bad: Delta, back with more stories and a variety of contents. Extinction covers the story after you defeat Gorat al-Llama’s terrorist organization, Al-Qatala, and discover humans behind them. Here, you will engage in a war against the Tailless Legion – humans – as the B2B Delta Team.

■ Introducing the 5 forces
In Bad 2 Bad: Extinction, a total of 5 different forces are introduced as your new enemy – zombies called Wilders(WD), Purebloods(PB), Underdogs(UD), Amazoness(AZ), and the Tailless Legion(TL). Each forces have their own characteristics and stories.

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction

■ Struggle for Survival
While searching for your main target in the mission field full of Wilders to proceed with campaigns by force, you can also play the game with more freedom in randomly generated maps and clearing sub missions to collect items and/or get rewards.

■ Character and Firearm Customization
You can modify your gun and decorate your character as much as you want. More weapons, equipment, costumes, and more characters are coming soon.

■ Form Your Own Special Force
In Extinction, you can organize and grow your own unit. Each enemies have different attack patterns and characteristics. If you get stuck, try upgrading your equipment and changing the tactics.

■ Weapon Skills and Proficiency
In order to use weapons other than your main weapon effectively, you must learn the respective weapon skills. Learn the skill and increase the proficiency levels to get buffs such as increased attack power, less durability↓, reload speed up, and headshot accuracy.

■ Intensive Converging Fire & Drone Attacks
Use the Converging Fire and Drone(DR-6L) attacks effectively to overcome the crisis. Air Drone(DR-2A) doesn’t have an attacking feature, but it will difinitely come in handy.

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Whats new of Bad 2 Bad: Extinction [3.0.1]

+ Fixed an issue where the game freezes at the start screen

+ Character attack logic improved

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