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Glory of Generals 3 - WW2 SLG APK MOD [v.1.6.0] for Android

Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 SLG [v1.6.0] APK Mod for Android
Latest Version 1.6.0
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Update November 10th, 2022
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Description of Glory of Generals 3 - WW2 SLG [1.6.0]

Glory of Generals 3 - WW2 SLG [1.6.0] updated on Thursday November 10, 2022 is the Strategy, Wargame, Casual for Android developed by EasyTech

Descriptions :
Glory of Generals 3 – WW2 Strategy Game – global turn-based strategy game in WWII setting. The player will control armies in land, air and sea battles of those years, characterized by historical accuracy. The user will be many military units, different devices. Each unit has its own characteristics and advantages when used in combat. In addition to these tools, the player can enlist the support of more than a hundred generals who are ahead of any opponent.
In Glory of Generals 3, players engage in intense battles in which they use their generals, troops, and technologies to defeat their enemies. You’ll get different requirements in each game mode, and they all focus on fighting with enemies that require you to watch and move troops closely. With a variety of challenges, so take your time to complete them with the best results.
You will see an environment with troops of different colors standing in random positions. From there, depending on their characteristics, easily navigate these troops to suitable locations and attack the enemy. When you select an army, the number of hexagons that appear represents the mobility of those characters. The mechanics of the game are fully accessible, but you have to use them correctly.
In Glory of Generals 3, players will find different game modes including campaign, group army and united front. In the first mode, the player will go to real battles in the story and complete what the level requires. You will also know the strength of your minions when performing an attack. At the same time, you can also quickly produce more weapons yourself to serve your victory.
The second mode is Group Army, where you see a huge WWII map and your army’s positions are color-coded from other areas. Additionally, when you select an appropriate area, you will see an arrow marker showing your path of attack or movement. Choosing where to attack, find the familiar level with the number of troops available and defeat the enemies in front of you.
The United Front offers challenges in different positions, similar to the above two modes, but players will try to use their troops properly since their numbers are quite limited. At the same time, many different levels are waiting for you to complete them.
Players will find many factors in Glory of Generals 3 that will make their army strong. Generals are always one of those units that help increase a positive effect on any minion you control. At the same time, the number of troops is diverse, and one of them is the troops with different functions that allow you to determine their role in battle. Modern technologies will give you many advantages in battles with enemies.
Features :
* You will deploy troops and move them into positions to attack enemies and complete the level goal.
* The number of stages in the campaign mode is varied and taken from the real battles in WW2 where you will prove your skills.
* Group Army gives you an overview of the world map in WW2 and you decide how the army will attack.
* You will go to different battlefields in the united front and with a limited number of troops you have to survive and complete the level.
* The number of troops is diverse and varied and you will decide in battle, famous generals and modern techs you cannot ignore.

Download Glory of Generals 3 WW2 SLG v1.6.0 MOD (Unlimited Medals) APK Free

How to Download and Install Glory of Generals 3 WW2 SLG?
First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone’s Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.
Now open the app and enjoy.

App description

The World War 2 has come, now it’s the time to lead your army and conquer the battlefield. You will be a good commander and make your own military history.

Join the war with more than 100 famous generals in the battle. Cooperate with your favorite camp and give the right command to Manstein, Guderian, Zhukov, MacArthur, Eisenhower, Montgomery, Patton, Rommel and many other generals. Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of war schema, use your strategy to change the war situation.Recruit special force from the Axis and Allies and cooperate to gain victory.

More than 60 kinds of special force are waiting for you to recruit, including German Tiger tank, Mortar Karl, Soviet Katyusha rocket, KV Tank, US Army 82nd airborne regiment, and British Royal SAS regiment.

***New engine production allows to experience real and rich terrain on the battlefield!
The jungle beach in the west, the desert in North Africa, and the ice and snow on the east line cannot stop you towards victory.

***New special force system allows you to incorporate special force into your own troops.
It has a variety of units of special air defense functions such as air defense, airborne, and building.

***More realistic weather system. Diversified weather will affect the morale of air force and army units.

***Original reinforcement system can supplement the military strength, scout the enemy’s situation, and develop your regiment!

***New changes in naval warfare allow you to feel the range and volume of real naval warships!

***Military units from over 200 countries, more than 100 generals and more than 60 special force will join your battlefield.

***There are more than 120 historical scripts in six war zones, and you can experience these real historical battles respectively from the Axis and Allies.
***Achieve the mission goals in the campaign: capture the target areas, rescue the friendly forces, break the encirclement, defend the position, and annihilate the enemy on a large scale etc.
***Every decision you make will determine the outcome of the campaign, including recruiting units, air strikes, airborne landing, dispatching special force and generals, and hiring reinforcements.

[Group Army]
***Deploy group army. Each country has its own unique technology card which can be used to speed up the process of conquering the world.
***A flexible diplomatic system and a rapidly changing situation of conquest. An enemy or a friend? It all depends on your diplomatic strategy.
***Use the least rounds to eliminate hostile forces, conquer the most territories, and obtain higher scores.

[United Front]
***Every battle is a war of attrition. Use our limited forces and maximize combat effectiveness!
***Develop reasonable tactics, use terrain effectively, and allow your troops to survive in difficult battlefields.
***Achieve the goals as soon as possible, eliminate enemy and reduce casualties so as to obtain high scores.

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Download Glory of Generals 3 - WW2 SLG MOD APK Latest Version for Android


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