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Grim wanderings 2: RPG APK MOD [v.1.96] for Android

Grim wanderings 2: RPG [v1.96] APK Mod for Android
Size 80M
Latest Version 1.96
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Update February 11th, 2022
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Description of Grim wanderings 2: RPG [1.96]

Grim wanderings 2: RPG [1.96] updated on Friday February 11, 2022 is the Role Playing for Android developed by Ellinia games

Grim wanderings 2: RPG


Grim Wanderings 2 is an RPG strategy game in which players will embark on an exciting journey into a fantasy world and meet many exciting races. Players can approach this game quite easily, and of course you need to read it carefully to understand the mechanics of the game. At the same time, you participate in battles to discover and expand your influence. It is undoubtedly a long journey to overcome.


In Grim Wanderings 2, players are transported to a fantasy world where many parallel races coexist. You will take a journey to explore the world, meet many enemies and destroy them to conquer different lands in a hexagon shape. At the same time, as you approach the game screen, you will be presented with features related to this game. Of course, this is long information that you should not skip because it is beneficial.


Once the player has completed the character selection step in Grim Wanderings 2, the next task is to begin the main preparations for completing the journey. As mentioned above, the tutorial instructions will still be sent to the character along with a keyword. You will learn the mechanics of the game and the main screen of the game will show a task list. Of course, these jobs have been covered in previous tutorials.


Once the preparation stages are over, rest assured that you can take part in Grim Wanderings 2 battles. They are placed on a level with areas of equal hexagons. An interesting point that you will notice is that you will eventually see the black fog that is often seen in strategy games. From there, you’ll begin the exploration process, and clicking on a specific area will bring up its information, including enemies.


* Provide 25 character classes, allowing players to choose their favorite characters suitable for you and practice together to make them stronger.

* Open up many eye-catching but equally exciting games for players and create many exciting battle strategies that you can use in every game and win more easily.

Grim wanderings 2: RPG

* A series of challenging tasks will challenge your fighting ability and you will receive many rewards and prestigious titles after completing each task.

* Experience unique and new events and participate in battles with other players. In addition, you can also edit your events and missions.

* Simple gameplay, suitable for all ages, combined with a beautiful and eye-catching interface that will keep players interested in the game.
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App description

The game is available on STEAM:

The main features of the game:

1) Deep role-playing system
2) Turn-based tactical battles
3) Lots of quests and events
4) Craft items

Grim wanderings 2: RPG

5) An Interesting world, open to exploration and full of exciting adventures

The second part is the rightful heir of the first. It saves all the key mechanics from the first part and adds a lot of new ones. The combat system is no longer an extension of the classic Disciples. Now it is a completely independent and original game

The game features a huge number of races, from the classic humans, elves and orcs, to much more rarely seen in games, such as lizardmen and ratmen. Characters are formed from 2 components – race and class, similar to my favorite D&D system. This game has 25 character classes to choose from and 37 classes for neutral creatures. Each class has its own set of abilities, which significantly affects the gameplay

Despite the fact that the game has already been released, it will be actively updated and changed. The following things are planned for the future:

1) Add a strategic game mode, with construction in the capital, construction on hexagons and technology research. In fact, it will be a full-fledged 4X strategy with deep role-playing elements

2) Add arena game mode. This mode will represent only fights, without a plot. Battles with other players will be available

3) Add infinite game mode. By analogy with the first part it will not have a plot and the map will be rebuilt at intervals of several dozen moves

4) Add an impressive number of unique legendary artifacts

Grim wanderings 2: RPG

5) Significantly increase the number of available random events when exploring territories

6) Add events when moving around the global map and events at the beginning of the player’s turn

7) Add a game editor. It will allow you to create your own events, quests, and even full-fledged campaigns. It will also allow to edit artifacts, races, classes, and character abilities. Game may be changed in it beyond recognition

When creating this game, I was most influenced by the following great computer games: might and magic 6 (1998), X-COM: UFO Defense (1994) and the Sid Meier’s Civilization series of games. Classic board games also had a major impact

Review from Hardcore Droid:

The Best Android RPGs You’ve Never Heard Of

Whats new of Grim wanderings 2: RPG [1.96]

- Bug fixes

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