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Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG APK MOD [v.1.127.4] for Android

Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG [v1.127.4] APK Mod for Android
Size 182M
Latest Version 1.127.4
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Update January 30th, 2022
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Description of Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG [1.127.4]

Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG [1.127.4] updated on Sunday January 30, 2022 is the Role Playing for Android developed by BIT.GAMES

Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG


Guild of Heroes is an RPG game in which players join the journey to become strong from a warrior who lost his strength after a war. You will complete many challenges to collect the necessary things for the character and learn which class you think is suitable. At the same time, the game has a flexible class switching feature, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a class in the early game.


In the game, players find themselves in a devastated world terrorized by evil mages and their ruthless monsters. As the main character, you accidentally find yourself in a battle between a high magician and a dark wizard. When you wanted to help the high magician defeat his enemies, you were also cast by the dark wizard with a powerful spell that will cause you to lose all your powers.
Later, after being treated by the High Mage, you have regained certain parts of your original powers, but need to retrain to get back on track. Here you will be tasked by the magician to take care of the remaining monster and look for instructions in the next town.


The story of the guild of heroes as a hero joins the fight against evil led by a dark magician. You step into another mage against enemies that appear little by little, trying to catch up with your main enemy. At the same time, when you go to a forest, two good and evil magicians face each other, and you control the hero against the minions that appear one by one to protect your teammates. Of course, victory is always in favor of good.


The hero you control in the heroes’ guild is completely similar to a novice, so he will not have any extraordinary powers, except for the two skills he used many times before. He will start his journey across different countries to fight enemies and find special gear and skills. At the same time, the gameplay is fully accessible if it doesn’t require too much control like other RPG titles.


Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG

In Guild of Heroes, your character is not assigned a specific class, and the default class you experience in-game is a warrior. An interesting point when you experience this game is that you will experience different classes by switching weapons freely. When you change an archer’s or mage’s weapon, you’ll immediately see that the skills you can use also change. So in the beginning you have the opportunity to experiment which class you think is suitable.


* Enjoyable and addictive RPG gameplay

First of all, Android gamers will definitely enjoy this amazing RPG experience where you can explore the wide world. Take on interesting and rewarding missions as you explore the worlds around you. Unlock new powers and abilities for your heroes as you gain experience. Collect and equip powerful items to dramatically increase your abilities. The game has all the exciting RPG elements you could want and more.
* Various character classes with unique powers and abilities

Additionally, to make the game more interesting, players have access to many interesting character classes to play with. And unlike other traditional games, the game offers a complete set of skills with many available development paths that you can take. Therefore, each of you can easily choose and switch between different classes.
* Strengthen your heroes with awesome weapons and armor

Speaking of which, in Guild of Heroes players have access to many different weapons and armor available with different abilities. You can get your hands on these amazing items in the stores or you can craft them yourself, which is pretty cool. Use the unique powers contained in each gear set and effectively strengthen your heroes depending on your opponents.
* Take on incredible monsters with incredible powers in the vast lands

Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG

To make the game more interesting, players will also take on epic missions and challenges in multiple locations in the realm. And here prepare yourself for thousands of different monsters with unique powers and abilities. Always stay prepared for their sudden attacks. Choose the right tactics to defeat your enemies wherever you go, or run away as fast as you can.
* Challenge each other in awesome guild gameplay

And as you can tell from the name, the game wouldn’t be complete without the awesome guild gameplay. Here you can join others in an existing guild or create your own. Explore fantastic guild gameplay while feeling free to interact with your guild members, receive certain privileges that only members can have, and challenge other guilds in epic wars. Immerse yourself in the vast battlefield where you can unleash your powers freely.
Download Guild of Heroes Fantasy RPG v1.127.4 MOD (Unlimited Diamonds + Gold + No Skill Cooldown) APK Free

App description

A magical world of old school action RPG adventure is calling for heroic wizards and knights. Discover medieval cities and dark dungeons, fight against monsters or raid dragon’s dens. The age of magic is here so you’d better get ready to meet devious dwarves and ancient elves, nasty orc shamans and troll sorcerers. Epic action, dark caves, quests and raids await.

However, the epic journey through the huge, colorful game world is not all fairy tales and mystic dungeons and dragons. It’s also filled with PVP battles against mages in the arena and Guild Wars controlled by other players!

Get involved:
★ Action-packed fantasy RPG with impressive game graphics

Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG

★ Equip character classes such as mage, archer and warrior, interchangeable at any time
★ PVP against other teams in arena Guild Wars
★ Craft medieval weapons and armor in hundreds of combinations
★ Thousands of different monsters from immortal diabolic exorcists to … Oh, why spoil the surprise!

Now, enough of the heroic ballads; grab your wand, sword and shield, and dive into an exciting old school RPG!

Oh, don’t forget to follow the Guild of Heroes community on Facebook – events, fan art, guild friends and contests are waiting to be explored!

Published by MY.GAMES, an international videogame brand that is a leading developer and publisher of exciting games for PC, mobile devices, and consoles.

Whats new of Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG [1.127.4]

◆ In the Origami Riddles event, you can test your luck again by spinning a rewards wheel.

◆ Catch the crafty goblin in campaign locations to get wheel tokens.

◆ Open 10 Holiday Chests to get the unique Origami Wings.

◆ Buy a Holiday Ticket to get all of the most valuable rewards from the Bard: Enchantment Tomes that enhance your attack, precious resources, treads, an avatar, and boss souls.

◆ Enjoy the game and enjoy flying with paper wings!

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Download Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG MOD APK Latest Version for Android

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