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Hybrid Animals APK MOD [v.200415] for Android

Hybrid Animals [v200415] APK Mod for Android
Size 44M
Latest Version 200415
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Update February 4th, 2022
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Description of Hybrid Animals [200415]

Hybrid Animals [200415] updated on Friday February 4, 2022 is the Simulation for Android developed by Abstract Software Inc.

Hybrid Animals


Today, the development of biotechnology helps a lot for our human world. You know, growing plants with better yields and results. Transplanting two crops of different species to produce a new plant is an unprecedented human evolutionary step. But for the animal world, being transplanted between two different animals is not easy. Mixing two different animals to produce a whole new generation of f2 genomes in Hybrid Animals game is extremely easy and fun. Are you curious about this unique game?


Each hybrid has a set of stats that determine how it behaves in the wild. These statistics are:
Damage: This obviously determines how powerful your animal is. The higher the damage, the stronger your hybrid.
Health: Well, how durable is your mix? Can they survive against predators? Do they have a long lifespan? Your health determines how long your pet can sustain injury or damage.
Speed: How fast is your animal? How fast can they travel?

Select the pair to pair with

Hybrid Animals

Entering the game world of hybrid animals, you seem to return to primitive times, when humans did not appear yet. You will start creating a new world where you create animals. An animal table appears with all the animals you know. Click on a style you like. The animal you choose represents the mother and now we are looking for half of that animal. A table of animals and objects will appear. Click to select any animal when you are done selecting the animals for the father and mother.

Enter the world of survival

Once you have created three new creatures, the Hybrid Animals game will open you up to the wild and spooky landscape of nature when the earth was first formed. You will face a world where you are always lurking with unpredictable dangers. The opposition also has the power to create genetically modified animals like you, so be careful and destroy animals that want to harm your children.

Exciting and interesting

Hybrid Animals has an easy-to-see, eye-catching interface that will make you take one look and think this is an uninteresting game. But if you ignore the game’s simple design, you will be surprised by the entertainment that the game offers. The game’s wildlife brings with it an exciting curiosity that keeps players wanting to learn more and create more and more animals from familiar ones. If you combine one child with the other, what will the result be? Also, the battle for empire building is just as attractive. The quality, smooth graphics and sound make players even more addicted to this game. Download this game on your phone now, so you can explore and have the best entertainment time.

Hybrid Animals


* Hybrids are just the beginning of exciting gameplay

When a new race is created, the system will immediately show you their 3D form, which includes performance stats: damage, health, speed, and some key clues about their super strength. You must choose the best father and mother to create the best species.
* Take part in the fights between animals in the natural environment

The hybrid is ready. Depending on the characteristics of this species, the game offers appropriate battle scenes. Not to mention the forms of the mini-games, which are also very diverse here, such as: B. Earthmatch, Natural Selection, Zombies, Hunt for the Tiny Man, Rotten Apple, Drunken Stupor, Challenge Maps… Each one offers you an experience and some different benefits.
* Graphics and music

Hybrid Animals

In simulation games, shaping is a very important part. Hybrid Animals selects to balance and minimize every downside you can think of. Instead of colorful pictures, the game uses monochrome tones. This is a good choice for players to focus on the lines and strength of each species.
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App description

Pick 2 animals and the game will morph them together. Each hybrid animal has its own unique abilities and powers. There are millions of possible creatures to make. Explore and survive in a vast randomly generated world, battling hybrid monsters, and build a town that you control.

Whats new of Hybrid Animals [200415]

- Fixes glitch where the floor in "Critter Crush" had no texture

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