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Jekyll & Hyde APK MOD [v.2.11.6] for Android

Jekyll & Hyde [v2.11.6] APK Mod for Android
Latest Version 2.11.6
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Update May 2nd, 2023
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Description of Jekyll & Hyde [2.11.6]

Jekyll & Hyde [2.11.6] updated on Tuesday May 2, 2023 is the Adventure, Interactive story, Casual for Android developed by MazM (Story Games, Adventure)

Descriptions : Jekyll & Hyde offers everyone the most thrilling experience as they immerse themselves in an immersive chase with many shocking mysteries and detective gameplay. Additionally, the player plays the character Jekyll in search of Mr. Hyde, who travels through an early 20th century English town in search of his secret. Through detailed and deep story developments, many new things will unfold and promise to create the best experiences for players.


Although Jekyll & Hyde is a detective adventure game, it uses a visual story style to convey content or conversation for the player. In many cases, this allows them to choose the appropriate dialogue themselves in order to move a lot in the development or to deal with the villain. Luckily, the game uses the subtlest elements of the visual novel to create a friendlier feel when interacting with the environment or surrounding characters.

Jekyll’s job is a detective and must locate Mr. Hyde’s whereabouts through actions or clues in a big city. Therefore, the detective element is now strongly encouraged, accompanied by many creative puzzles to make everyone more immersive as they accompany the main character through many challenges. Although the structures of the puzzles are complex, they always open up new mysteries and create new goals for the player to explore.

Besides the unique gameplay, the storyline of Jekyll & Hyde is captivating and has many incredible twists to create a lot of chaotic emotions in the players in each event. In addition, mini-stories appear in documents or memos that the player collects throughout the city in search of Mr. Hyde. The perfect plot combinations make the game stand out for people to make the most impressive plot discoveries or rumours.

The essence of the game is that the player can make his own decisions to advance the storyline or change crucial things. Meanwhile, each of their conversations or actions has more than two distinctive choices, and their outcomes are random, making each choice a lot of potential. Because of this, everything is appealing and makes the player excited or wiser before making a big decision.


The puzzles in Jekyll & Hyde are complex and require a lot of flexibility in the player’s thinking for each case. Some cases contain a lot of environmental clues, and you need to tie everything together to draw firm conclusions about the criminals or the people behind them. During the solving process, several important items will appear that the player can examine or combine to achieve a desired result.

Based on clues from the cases or characters involved, the player can predict and advance one step to catch the culprits involved. However, the clues can take the player across the country or through many large cities with numerous landscapes or NPCs to interact with. Depending on the player’s skills or predictions, expanding the search range to each city is more effective than focusing on a specific location.

Jekyll & Hyde is an exciting adventure game where each chase contains elements of mystery and terror to immerse the player in various successful experiences. Additionally, the visual novel element is crucial for people to decide on the next direction of the story or character development. In particular, linking the clues is essential if the player wants to master Mr. Hyde’s challenges in different cases or scenarios.

Features : * A gripping adventure game with exciting detective elements intertwined with dramatic storytelling to keep players entertained.
* Complex puzzles as murder cases with hideous structures and connections to immerse players in authentic detective experiences.
* The great affection of the visual novel elements for the players determines their outcomes or endings in any case or story.
* Face Mr. Hyde and discover his weakness as you uncover the city’s gruesome secrets and his motivation to terrorize the citizens.
* A huge world with distinctive development for a fascinating immersion through the interaction with the characters or the clues left behind.
* Visual novel style story game
* Enjoy this offline text game without internet connection
* Adventure game reinterpreted from a classic novel with a unique twist
* Exciting gameplay with dramatization and full of secrets to enrich the story even more
* Story adventure game with better artwork than the original story
* Drama game with action like in a movie
* Multiple endings of the game depending on your choice
* Experience romance in the Opera House through the Romantic Story Game
* The tension between the characters will keep you engaged throughout this exciting game

Download Jekyll & Hyde v2.11.7 MOD (Mod Money/Unlocked) APK Free



Path cache: SD / Android / obb  

How to Download and Install Jekyll & Hyde?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone’s Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

How to install DATA/OBB?

Click on the .ZIP (OBB) archive of the game, then you will get a list where you have to select “Extract…”.
Navigate to the very beginning of the path, and click the “Android” folder, then click on obb folder.
Click on the Unpack icon at the bottom right.
After that the program will start unpacking the archive, which may take from several seconds to several minutes, you will see the progress of unpacking. When it is finished you will see a notification at the bottom:

Now open the app and enjoy.

App description

Recreated Story Adventure Game of Jekyll and Hyde!
Enjoy this classical novel ahead of its time through a Visual Novel style Text Game!

Mystery Visual Novel, Detective Story Game
This story game is based on Jekyll and Hyde’s original story, set in 19th century London. Chasing clues from crimes and unraveling the mystery through the Adventure Game.
This is MazM’s third Story Game. Experience firsthand of the cat and mouse game.

🎮Game Features
• Visual novel style story game
• Enjoy this offline text game without internet connection
• Adventure game interpreted from a classical novel with a unique twist
• Thrilling game with dramatization and filled with mysteries to enrich the story even more
• Story Adventure Game with better delivery than the original story
• Drama game with story line like that of a movie
• Multiple endings to the game depending on your choice
• Experience romance within the opera theatre through the Romantic Story Game
• The tension between the characters will keep you on your toes during this thrilling game

🎖️ Play points about Jekyll and Hyde
▶A movie-like story game,
•’Jekyll and Hyde’ is a story game.
• Enjoy this wonderful story by scouring the city of London to discover hidden trigger and solve problems.
• MazM has recreated the original story of ‘Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ into a story game.
• Set in the end of the 19th century London, this game’s dark atmosphere art differs from other Visual Novel, Story Game, Adventure Games.
• Experience the mystery of the original story through the lawyer ‘Utterson’s’ point of view following ‘Hyde’ in this Adventure Game. Experience the psychological changes the protagonist goes through.

▶A Vast collection of footnotes and trivia you can only collect with MazM
•Collect ‘Footnotes’ as you progress through the story, and clear achievements to earn special gifts!

▶Console-like game, in which you can check the ending
•Play the whole of chapter 1 for free!
•Afterwards, for a one time purchase you can then enjoy the whole game, just as you would in regular ‘paid games.’
•You can play the game offline. (*You can’t purchase or save offline.)
•You can experience the game, from beginning to end, by just watching ads. (*Extra episodes and illustrations must be purchased.)

Visual Novel, Story Game, Adventure Game, Text Game, best suited for those who love historical games.
Drama directed by MazM, we bring you a heartbreaking and touching story.
Those who are looking for a more special visual novel story game won’t be disappointed.

🤔About MazM
• MazM is a studio developing superb Story Game, Adventure Game, and Text Games. With dedication, we want to take praiseworthy stories and reinterpret them into games.
• We wish to instill a lasting impression in our players, like that which is made after experiencing a great book, movie or musical.
• Try various games such as Visual Novel, Story Game, Text Game, and Adventure Games through the indie game studio MazM.
• We, MazM, promise to deliver more touching Visual Novel, Adventure Game, and Indie Games.

Whats new of Jekyll & Hyde [2.11.6]

- Improved app stability

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Download Jekyll & Hyde MOD APK Latest Version for Android


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