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Last Day on Earth: Survival APK MOD [v.1.18.12] for Android

Last Day on Earth: Survival [v1.18.12] APK Mod for Android
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Latest Version 1.18.12
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Update February 2nd, 2022
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Description of Last Day on Earth: Survival [1.18.12]

Last Day on Earth: Survival [1.18.12] updated on Wednesday February 2, 2022 is the Action for Android developed by Kefir!

Last Day on Earth: Survival


Last Day on Earth is a realistic action-survival game that uses top-down adventure elements to immerse players in a vast post-apocalyptic world. Its impressive points are its crafting, leveling, and dungeon systems, but its rewards and activities are worth it. It also allows players to work together to build bases or raid others for additional resources and items to survive.

The Plot

The plot of this game is not very lengthy, the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where an infection breaks out and destroys most of the humanity. This infection turned the humans into zombies who are now trying to kill the survivors and as a survivor your goal is to survive and fight back against the zombies.


The game starts where you find your character in a lot with the small buildings. Here you will find the first items to start the game, here you can collect a number of items to build the buildings and other things. On the map you can do many things to survive, for example you can build an ax and then use that ax to chop down the trees to build the houses and other structures. In addition, you can also build the boxes in the house to store your groceries and other items. In short, you can do a variety of things for your survival, which makes the game more fun.


The entire world of Last Day on Earth is designed as an overworld, and players will have to spend time or perseverance if they want to change each location. Each location on the map is carefully designed given the variety of resources, food, minerals, and environment. Some dangerous places like dungeons and more are also good places to find crafting items or level up in countless battles with zombies.


Although the game adopts a top-down style, the control mechanisms and features stimulate the real element of survival. While surviving, the player has to collect different things to improve the quality of life, like wood, iron and objects, and even fend off all zombie attacks when they arrive at the base. Not only that, but they must also venture into other lands and find more advanced materials to craft modern weapons and equipment.


Last Day on Earth: Survival

The base building mechanism is the most innovative and outstanding of Last Day on Earth, allowing players to design their habitats in different ways. The base also allows the player to refine myriad materials and create parts for crafting or crafting. You can also upgrade all facilities, structures and walls with better materials instead of new ones and even place furniture or stations for the house variety.


* Game based on reality

Start with just one pair of boxer shorts, which is your starting capital. Just like a primitive life, you must stand up to reclaim your life source for yourself. In the immediate future are gatherable resources and threats. The earth doesn’t look as peaceful now as it did in the past. The only way is to stand up boldly. If you run away, you will not escape from the zombies chasing you. They are everywhere, very crowded and also dangerous!
* Hardcore mode challenges hardcore players

Looking for a high difficulty challenge? Last Day on Earth: Survival will be full of things that are not easy to overcome. The challenges are renewed every season, so try to have a good position from time to time. The online game mode opens when you cross the west wall of the map. Many special costumes appear here, you can also interact with many other people.
* Support autoplay

Some basic operations like gathering resources you can choose in automatic mode. Characters gather resources instead of requiring direct control. You should use this function at peak times. It’s very useful, players don’t have to pay attention while the character is active. However, remember to choose a safe place first.
Download Last Day on Earth Survival v1.18.12 MOD (Free Craft) APK + DATA Free

Last Day on Earth: Survival



Extract and copy the folder to SD/Android/OBB

App description

Imagine you woke up to the apocalypse in the survival shooter Last Day on Earth. Feel the horror and adrenaline rush from the process of real surviving in a harsh environment! Meet the world where zombie hordes’ instinct to murder you is as strong as thirst or hunger. Descend into the atmosphere of survival right now or start Last Day on Earth once you’re done with reading this description, in which I’m going to tell you about some key features.

■ Create your character and look around: near your shelter, there are a lot of locations with different danger levels. From the resources collected here you can craft everything necessary for survival: from a house and clothes to weapons and an all-terrain vehicle.

■ As your level grows, hundreds of useful recipes and blueprints will become available to you. First off, build and enhance the walls of your house, learn new skills, modify weapons, and discover all the joys of the gaming process.

■ Pets are an islet of love and friendship in the world of the zombie apocalypse. Joyful huskies and smart shepherd dogs will be happy to accompany you in raids, and while you’re about it, help you carry out loot from hard-to-reach places.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

■ Assemble a fast Chopper, an ATV, or a motorboat and get access to remote locations on the map. You don’t get the rarest resources for complex blueprints and unique quests for nothing. If there’s a mechanic sleeping inside of you, it’s just the time to wake him up!

■ If you like cooperative play, visit the city in the Crater. There you’ll meet loyal companions and find out what you’re worth in PvP. Join a clan, play with other players, feel the unity of a real pack!

■ Survivor (if you have read this far, I can call you that), an arsenal of cold weapons and firearms that would make even a seasoned hardcore player envy is at your service. Here are bats, miniguns, M16, good-old AK-47, Mortar, C4, and too much more to list, better see it for yourself.

■ Forests, Police Station, Spooky Farm, Port, and Bunkers packed with zombies, raiders, and other random characters. Always be ready to use force or flee. Anything goes, when it comes to survival!

Now you are a survivor. No matter who you are, where you come from, and what you used to be before. Welcome to the cruel new world…

Whats new of Last Day on Earth: Survival [1.18.12]

– Open the Event Calendar and find out what’s coming ahead.

– Evil has returned. Hinder Immortal Nian from sabotaging Lunar New Year.

– Pass Mu Lan's trials. Show her what you're made of.

– Protect the weak with a warrior's honor.

– Dress up in ceremonial armor and arm yourself with Guandao to fight evil.

– Try a fortune cookie that will guide you on your journey.

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