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Last Fortress: Underground APK MOD [v.1.263.001] for Android

Last Fortress: Underground [v1.263.001] APK Mod for Android
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Latest Version 1.263.001
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Update January 25th, 2022
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Description of Last Fortress: Underground [1.263.001]

Last Fortress: Underground [1.263.001] updated on Tuesday January 25, 2022 is the Strategy for Android developed by LIFE IS A GAME LIMITED

Last Fortress: Underground


Last Fortress – where life can only be counted on fingers, where the zombies rage like a mighty wave. That’s what you have to face when you enter this game full of temptations. You enter a lonely world where you will face the chaos, the hunger of the zombies who haven’t seen their prey for a long time. In this game, you are the commander of the survivors. You don’t have much time left to think, find shelter and make up your mind to defeat all the zombies and come back to life.


Facing dirty zombies is a formidable challenge for you; In addition to protecting your own life, you must also protect the lives of the survivors. All the last living things in Last Fortress will gather in a team and you will be the commander. So that nobody gets infected, this is now a must. To do this, you need to mobilize people to find and build a perfect shelter.


Each of your companions has one or more skills or abilities that can make a difference. From you as a talented executive to dedicated chefs or doctors, no one is at risk of infection. It’s a requirement for humans to trust each other amidst the chaotic zombies like now. And so is the ability of humans to live and survive in this lonely space.


To ensure a better life for everyone, you must create the perfect strategy to get back to normal. As a first step, you need to thoroughly understand the skills that everyone possesses when you join Last Fortress. You will then split them up into different armies and split the action. Join everyone to fight hard with these monstrous zombies. They show solidarity and overcome challenges, overcome everyone, even if it is the most difficult task.


If you want to complete a task successfully, you need the guidance and support of those around you. And Last Fortress is no exception; If you find it too hard to fight alone, gather your friends to fight with you in this battlefield. They can also form teammates or alliances with strangers – who want to protect their own lives and are lovers of new discoveries.

Last Fortress: Underground


When you’re between life and death, you need to be more vigilant than ever. This is what you need when you join Last Fortress. Would you expect a better version of this game? We do all this for you, and now in the new version there is a function to move to the capital. This feature allows you to find a nearby Alliance HQ and stock it with more substantial supplies. Also, in the new version, players can choose to get help from many different sources to make sure they don’t die in the desert.


Use human resources and resources intelligently

Last Fortress: Underground offers you a completely different zombie war than previously known. In this fortress, which is both solid and dark, you will have to find many things to light and power the surrounding space: satellites, generators, lighting systems… Again, you and your companions will meet other survivors living in this fortress . Join them to build relationships and take part in the fight to survive in the spooky world outside.

Thinking about many options, coordination, assignment and teamwork will lead you to success

Whether at war with zombies or surviving underground, with each passing day you and your companions will find a unique way to meet the diverse needs of everyone here. As a leader, you must set the order of priorities to balance security and defense. The security of the group and the entire fortress depends on your division. You must build a dedicated “army” of everyone with the fitness and experience to fight. They are both the army that rises in search of rare resources and the ones that can take up arms in encounters and fight zombies.

Old topic, but new approach

Last Fortress: Underground opens a new chapter in the zombie-themed post-apocalyptic game series. There is still a world devastated by the zombie pandemic. There are still uncompromising battles between humans and zombies, which is a tough survival process. But Last Fortress: Underground brings a new, optimistic and hopeful look. When the world above is gone, an underground world still awaits. All it takes is patience and unity to accomplish anything by starting from scratch.

High survival motivation

Last Fortress: Underground

Another good thing about Last Fortress: Underground gives you a real sense of survival. Everything around is always threatening and unsafe. By letting players role-play as many different characters to complete their quests, you’ll really feel like an insider. From there, be aware of what you’re doing. It is important to always have the desire to live. The game is so exciting and stimulating that it never stops.
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App description

Castle, the largest community of survivors, has fallen.

Once a beacon of hope in the post-apocalypse, it now shares the same fate as the rest. Amidst the chaos, a small group of survivors managed to escape into the barren wilderness.

You are the Commander of these survivors. While escaping the zombie horde that utterly destroyed your last sanctuary, you come across a strange building jutting out from the ground. Low on supplies and left with little options, you decide to take refuge in this building. So begins your campaign of survival in this zombie-infested world.

Expand your shelter with numerous facilities such as the Satellite Nexus, Power Generators, the Mission Control, etc. Design the shelter’s layout whichever way you like!


Last Fortress: Underground

Every hero and survivor possesses special life skills that helped them survive in the apocalypse. From chefs, doctors, and engineers to scientists, miners, and soldiers, it’s up to you to effectively utilize their skills!

Assemble a diverse team of heroes, each with their unique personalities and abilities. Formulate your favorite team combination to help you conquer even the most daunting of situations.

Journey outside the shelter and scavenge for valuable resources in the wastelands.
Set up camps to act as forward operating bases and resource points. But be on guard! Zombies could attack at any moment!

Fighting alone is hard, so why not fight alongside friends? Join or create an Alliance and exterminate those pesky zombies with allies! Assist allies by accelerating each other’s constructions and tech researches.
It’s a win-win situation either way! It’s all or nothing now! Go forth, Commander, and embark on your adventure!

Whats new of Last Fortress: Underground [1.263.001]

Come Spin the Wheel of Gear

- Commanders with a Control Center reaching Lv. 8 are eligible to engage in the event.

- Launch rallied attacks against Mutated Zombies to obtain the Deep Sea Meteorites, which can be used to spin the wheel and get great rewards!

Other Optimizations

- Optimized the Gear system.

- Optimized the way to deploy soldiers.

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