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Napoleon Empire War: Army Tactical Strategy Games APK MOD [v.1.2.0] for Android

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Update February 2nd, 2022
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Description of Napoleon Empire War: Army Tactical Strategy Games [1.2.0]

Napoleon Empire War: Army Tactical Strategy Games [1.2.0] updated on Wednesday February 2, 2022 is the Strategy for Android developed by Offline strategy games

Napoleon Empire War: Army Tactical Strategy Games


Strategy games play a significant role in today’s gaming market. And a good example is Rise of Napoleon: Empire War which, like other games of the same genre, includes basic tasks such as forming alliances, fighting enemies and building your own empire. But with version 0.11.2 and constant regular upgrades, the game improves many bugs and offers many completely new features difficult for any other game.
Grand Battle is a tech innovation set in the era when Napoleon was still overwhelming on the battlefield, allowing the game to showcase battles involving known weapons or know-how. In this game, players will assume the position of a normal and lead a military of their own choosing. The sport will be found on many battlefields across European countries, so the ambience, troops and costumes can be meticulously designed to reflect the European atmosphere. Normally, the competitor should lead his military to victory regardless of location and terrain; With nice tactical talent, all enemies must collapse on the heels of players’ horses. In fact, the game will introduce both the army building system and the nation and know-how growth for players to develop the final energy of the military.


Rise of Napoleon is a war strategy game set in the 18th century and based on the Napoleonic era. This is when wars are developing between many countries around the world; You must transform into historical heroes and join them in these dramatic battles to achieve unique goals and conquer the world. This entirely depends on your actions; Any wrong move can also reverse the situation and make you a loser. So the most important requirement you must have is to develop the right tactics at any given time, e.g. B. the use of generals and the building and training of an army, especially the selection of a position suitable for war.


The rise of Napoleon’s storyline is also more intense than ever thanks to accompanying characters like Napoleon, Washington, the Duke of Wellington and more. Each character plays an essential role in informing you about the situation during the war, giving the necessary instructions and opening many other activities such as: For example, attending a meeting or going for a walk with the Queen.


In order to prepare for the upcoming bloody battle, you not only own a huge number of troops and allies, but also are equipped with many other special items such as weapons, horses and combat skills; Choose PVP AND PVE game mode and use these supports to increase attack and defense power of your army when facing many big enemies. In addition to that, you can also unlock more gear and improve inherent abilities as you reach the required amount.


Rise of Napoleon also features extremely detailed maps to help you choose your battle path. You can join a confrontation with another country or join an alliance with more attractive rewards. For example, in this mode you can receive a salary; Look for military titles when you win with your allies. In addition, this is also the ideal place to get in touch with many other warriors around the world.


* More than 50 levels: Relive every famous battle of the great revolutionary war.

* There are many generals to choose from. Using the combination of generals gives you greater advantages:

Lord Nelson, Marshal Wellington, General Desai, Marshal Ney, Marshal Kutuzov, Marshal Brucher

Napoleon Empire War: Army Tactical Strategy Games

* Rich Legions to Breed:

Old Guard, Polish Guard, Uhlans, 95th Green Jacket Infantry Regiment, Cossack Cavalry and Sailing Battleship Victory, Artillery Regiment, Observation Hot Air Balloons.

* The morale system can hurt the enemy’s morale, shake their front and reduce their attack power.

* Compete with the winter general in Moscow in different seasons and weather changes.

* It belongs to the war of the 18th century. Line infantry, draft gunnery, courage and endurance surpass everything

* Rich formation, double-row wall, three-row array, hollow square array, triangular array and smart tactics are the good recipe for victory.

* Optimize war game’s performance effect, more realistic battlefield environment and exquisite models.
Download Napoleon Empire War Army Tactical Strategy Games v1.2.0 MOD (Unlimited Money + Medals) APK Free

App description

conqueror! Welcome to the era of the great revolution.

Napoleon’s Imperial War is a round strategy game against the background of the French revolutionary war. From the Bastille to Moscow, there are collisions of guns, steel and blood everywhere. You will become a conqueror, command your army, use your strategies, participate in famous battles in the revolutionary war, spread Republican ideas or curb French expansion, all in your mind.

What are you waiting for, conqueror!

Napoleon Empire War: Army Tactical Strategy Games

Emperor Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Frederick the great, Queen Maria Teresa, marshal suvolov, the geniuses of that era are waving to you, recruiting them, collecting followers, and leading them to rule the world.

Bullets are cowards, bayonets are heroes! Your children are waiting for your orders, your subordinates are expecting you to create new miracles, and your people are waiting for you to win the next victory. Welcome to the era of conquest, conqueror, formulate strategies, use strategies, win victory, and start your conquest epic.

When the emperor comes, polish the bayonet and fight for glory!

Game features:

-More than 50 levels: experience every famous battle of the great revolutionary war.
-There are plenty of generals to choose from. Using the combination of generals will give you greater advantages:
Lord Nelson, marshal Wellington, general Desai, marshal ney, marshal Kutuzov, marshal brucher
– Rich legions to cultivate:
Old guards, Polish guards, Lancers, the 95th green jacket infantry regiment, Cossack cavalry, and the sail battleship victory, artillery regiment, observation hot air balloons.
-The morale system can attack the enemy’s morale, shake their front and reduce their attack power.
-In different seasons and weather changes, compete with the winter general in Moscow.
-It belongs to the war of the 18th century. Line infantry, platoon shooting, courage and perseverance surpass everything
-Rich formation, double row wall, three line array, hollow square array, triangular array and smart tactics are the good recipe for victory.
-Optimize the performance effect of war games, more realistic battlefield environment and exquisite models.

Conquest mode:

Napoleon Empire War: Army Tactical Strategy Games

-Mobilize the army and attack on all fronts. Don’t be afraid of damage. They will become stronger in battle.
-Each unit has its own characteristics, developing its strengths and avoiding its weaknesses and attacking the enemy’s weaknesses.
-Command your troops to complete combat tasks within the time limit to win.
-Seize the rapidly changing fighters on the battlefield to adjust your deployment, contain them in the front, detour them in the side, and kill them in one blow.
-Random events such as guerrilla warfare, emergency troops and volunteers will ensure the playability of the game. Choose your strategy to use the random factors on the battlefield. You will experience your own history in every battle.
-Skillfully using terrain, buildings, generals and troops, every battle is an unknown experience.


-Upgrade Resource points, expand residential areas, recruit new troops, and choose ingenious strategies to win!
-Use the Treasury of conquered countries to develop themselves and upgrade national science and technology.
-Upgrade technology, unlock new technology, unlock new arms, and crush the enemy with technology.
-Study military technology and improve the combat effectiveness of the troops. Such as mini bombs, hale rockets and floating hot-air balloons.

Don’t forget the tactical innovation. The strong enemy in the front is often the weakness on the side!

Finally, pay attention to random events, seize favorable opportunities and seize strategic advantages.
Look forward to creating your history!

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