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Nuclear Submarine inc - Indie Hardcore Simulator APK MOD [v.2.0] for Android

Nuclear Submarine inc Indie Hardcore Simulator [v2.0] Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk for Android
Size 59M
Latest Version 2.0
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Update October 11th, 2020
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Description of Nuclear Submarine inc - Indie Hardcore Simulator [2.0]

Nuclear Submarine inc - Indie Hardcore Simulator [2.0] updated on Sunday October 11, 2020 is the Simulation for Android developed by Ломакин Дмитрий

Description :
Nuclear Submarine inc Indie Hardcore Simulator – A great simulator that lets players feel like a commander of an atomic submarine. Despite its frivolous appearance, the project is very hardcore. Players have no tips or concessions. It is necessary to act thoughtfully and seriously. A nuclear reactor and incompetent hands are a very dangerous combination. In this case, all events unfold in enemy waters. The enemy roams them in search of violators, and it is necessary to consider a number of external and internal factors in order to successfully achieve the command-set goals and return safely to their home port.
Features :
* Explore the depth of the ocean and find bonuses with your battleship.
* Upgrade your dive ship.
* Navigate through deadly obstacles.
* Battery: is the most important resource you have on your warship.
* Fuel: is the secondary resource and provides your ship’s battery with power if the energy charge is low.
* Air: is the last but not the last main display on your submarine.

App description

Get ready to dive into the darkest depths of the ocean, Captain! Enemy battleships are looking for you – nuke the hell out of them! The marine crew awaits your command in our indie game: Nuclear Submarine Inc.!

Before obtaining your vessel in the simulator, complete a submariner course and learn how to operate a submersible warship and its nuclear reactor to nuke enemy battleship s. Be warned, captain, that the watercraft you control is no boat, nor a passenger ship, its nuclear potential is capable to cause a massive explosion and turn a homely harbor into a second Chernobyl! The survival of your crew is your top priority! Watch carefully for the air amount and the immersion depth, navigate deadly obstructions to sequire safety of your warship.

Game Features:

⚓️ Explore ocean depth and find bonuses with your battleship:
A new gameplay feature was added to Nuclear Submarine inc – exploration. Every level has 3 Stars hidden somewhere in the sea, find them all and get your reward just keep your marine crew survival in mind.

⚓️ Upgrade your submersible warship:
There are 10 types of submarine upgrades in the game, every type has 6 options – choose your strategy wisely! Nuclear or diesel? Which engine you’ll pick for your battleship next time?

⚓️ Navigate deadly obstructions:
Be careful, Captain! This war zone is full of mines and enemy battleship s, battle planes are trying to locate you and destroy! Survival of your marine crew and mission success is your top priority!

Remember, captain, you have three main indicators on your submarine simulator:

⚓️ Battery: is the most important resource you have on your warship. Its purpose is to keep your engines running and it powers up pumps to prevent your vessel from flooding and secure the crew’s survival. Without it, your sub will be stuck in the middle of the ocean and most likely drown.

⚓️ Fuel: is the secondary resource and it is powering up the battery on your ship in case its energy charge runs low. Later on, you will upgrade it into a nuclear reactor with unique gameplay, powerful enough to power up the fastest engine at high speed.

⚓️ Air: is the last but not the least main indicator on your submarine, it shows how long your crew may survive in the ocean ’s underwater, but you can restore its amount every time you are on the surface.

The moment you have collected enough money, there are over a dozen vessel upgrade types to start with, each detailed and realistic. Install a new sonar system and a full steel hull for your warship, fill its tank with a new sort of fuel to charge the battery quicker, upgrade an engine and get ready to immerse!

After you have achieved fully upgraded submarine, new functionalities and gameplay will appear: battleship survival, deeper immersions, higher speed, a powerful nuclear engine that will allow you to overcome larger distances, but great power brings great responsibilities! Never forget what happened at Chernobyl and Fukushima and operate your warship with maximum attentiveness, captain! Not only your survival and that of your crew depends on your actions, but all living beings in miles around you!

Have fun playing our new indie warship simulator and please make sure to share it with your friends and send us your feedback. Your opinion is my best source to know how to improve and develop my game.

The Nuclear War is here, Captain! Wish you the best of luck!

Whats new of Nuclear Submarine inc - Indie Hardcore Simulator [2.0]

"Reach the end" Mode!

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