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Polyfield APK MOD [v.0.4.0] for Android

Polyfield [v0.4.0] APK Mod for Android
Latest Version 0.4.0
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Update October 22nd, 2022
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Description of Polyfield [0.4.0]

Polyfield [0.4.0] updated on Saturday October 22, 2022 is the Action, Shooter, Tactical shooter, Casual for Android developed by Mohammad Alizade

Descriptions :
Polyfield is a high-quality multiplayer first-person shooter with low-poly graphics set in a World War II setting. The player can take part in big battles in big places, during the battles he has to help his army to destroy the enemy forces. To carry out a combat task, the user is provided with a good arsenal of weapons ranging from pistols and rifles to machine guns with authentic looks. Also, the advantage of the project is a well-developed physical model, which gives realism to the action, even taking into account the graphic style of the game.
To start a particular game, the opening will always bring special emotions to its players. And in order to leave a special impression and emotions on the players, the opening part of the game must be carefully prepared. That’s why the game’s designers research and build a war scene with unique experiences for their players.
Wars will certainly be traumatic events that nobody would expect in everyday life. But it is possible that for some reason wars were fought, so many soldiers begin their duty to protect the ultimate goal. And Polyfield is no exception when it comes to bringing you the setting of WWII with a vast war span and fierce battles.
DRAMATIC first-person shooter gameplay
And in order to offer the best experience to their players, gameplay will always be a feature that manufacturers need to pay attention to. With all the different games, the gameplay is always considered to be the soul that can convey the manufacturer’s message to the players. After many different studies, the game’s developer also chose a familiar action game style for their product.
With the familiar action gameplay, the creators of the game can quickly develop the gameplay according to the desired system. Especially in the most dramatic shooting games, the action style is seen as the right choice. This has also enabled Polyfield to develop an extraordinarily realistic and dramatic first-person shooter game system.
But with familiar gameplay always come difficult challenges that the game will pose to motivate players. In their battles, players are divided into a team and fight against the opponent’s team. And in order to win, you must use your skills and techniques to destroy the opposing team as quickly as possible.
In addition to the set game mode, the game system has also equipped its warriors with the best controls. In order not to cause any difficulties for the players with the controls, the game’s control system will be designed in an extremely classic style. With the button in the left corner and other function keys in the right corner, you can control your character in such a way that he moves exceptionally smoothly.
The last feature always has an essential role that directly affects the player’s experience: the graphics. A game with good graphic quality will be able to offer its players the best gaming inspiration. The creators of the game understand the psychology and needs of the players, and they also created an excellent graphics system for you.
The point that is considered to be the most impressive point that players can feel will definitely be the game’s combat landscape. The whole battlefield environment has been made highly detailed and realistic by the creative designers to bring pleasant feelings. And without a doubt, the most extraordinary thing you can experience with polyfield graphics will be that the characters and weapons are designed in a very unique and new square style.
Features :
* The game has been developed in a combat-action style that is very familiar to players, but it also includes some distinctly new features.
* It is set in the midst of violent conflict during World War II. This is the setting for the game.
* The gameplay has been built in accordance with the first-person shooter genre to provide players with incredibly realistic conflict fighting experiences.
* Since the game’s control mechanism is based on traditional combo keys, it’s easy to get used to the game’s controls and master them quickly.
* The game’s graphics are built in a square style, with characters and weapons that are very beautiful, unique and totally innovative.
Polyfield MOD features:
Unlimited Ammo
Raise when you shoot.
Last words about Polyfield
In short, Polyfield is a shooter full of beautiful, consistent and excellent user interfaces, loud sound and a modern, fast-paced style that’s perfect for playing a little every day. Hopefully there’s more to discover in the future, even if it’s addicting enough for now.

Download Polyfield v0.4.0 MOD (A lot of bullets) APK Free

How to Download and Install Polyfield?
First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone’s Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.
Now open the app and enjoy.

App description

Stylized ww2 based multiplayer first-person shooter, can be played offline against bots.

Whats new of Polyfield [0.4.0]

- Polyfield Editor

- Bot difficulty

- Classes (loadouts)

- Grenade terrain deformation

- Animated clouds

- Underwater effect

- Water bullet impact

- Corpses

- Terrain shadow baking

- Minimap now shows the current map

- Movable minimap, chat and weapon switch

- Damage falloff (except kar98k and m1 garand)

- Bullet impact and camera shake

- Objects sink & tilt when grenade thrown near them

- Revamped main menu scene

- War ambient sound

- Texture tweaks & replacements

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Download Polyfield MOD APK Latest Version for Android


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