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Shadow of Death 2: Demon Soul APK MOD [v.] for Android

Shadow of Death 2: Demon Soul [v1.79.2.1] APK Mod for Android
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Update February 12th, 2022
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Description of Shadow of Death 2: Demon Soul []

Shadow of Death 2: Demon Soul [] updated on Saturday February 12, 2022 is the Action for Android developed by Bravestars Games

Shadow of Death 2: Demon Soul


Shadow of Death 2 Demon Soul –

The second part of the popular action-platformer, which is a kind of storyline continuation of the adventures of a warrior named Maximus. In general, the sequel has retained the game mechanics of the first part, but not without the innovations, in addition to the new story, the developers have added the possibility of interacting with the characters, added a combat system, a completely new game world has become even more gloomy, updated and the Graphics, and also Shadow of Death 2 mod apk got the possibility of PvP battles. And so, this project will appeal to all fans of dynamic, atmospheric platformers with fighting game elements.


Players can continue to follow Maximus’ journey in Shadow of Death 2. You will turn into a hero who has lost his memories, and he is a counterbalance to the monsters that appear in this game. At the same time, his journey carries a purpose that should bring him to the land called Aurora – where he stayed long ago. During the game you will feel the darkness of the world that this game brings and the enemies with creepy looks.
The game’s environment is designed to be completely blurry, with the characters appearing in a beautiful color resembling the shadows. At the same time, the black color also creates a completely terrifying look to the enemies you face. In addition, similar to games of the same genre, you control the character on a horizontal plane, trying to move flexibly with both ends to avoid enemy attacks and defeat them using the skills and abilities you have.


Using the character Maximus in the early stages, you’ll be able to understand the game mechanics and try to improve your control skills, since this game always has challenges waiting for you. In addition to basic moves, make the multiplier bounce or slide a short distance. This allows you to hit enemies from long distances, and gliding will help you avoid enemy attacks, since any enemy can quickly attack you.
The number of enemies you will encounter in this game will be completely overflowing, and you will move around the environment of each level until you defeat all the enemies in the game. When you arrive at a new location, the path to return to the previous location will be blocked with a white wall that you cannot break through. Additionally, character abilities are intriguing when you can show off your abilities without energy, but have to wait for cooldown to continue using them.
In this game, you don’t have to approach your enemy and defeat him with skills, but make sure to read his movements to attack with absolute precision. This comes in handy, especially on targets like the boss. In addition, the correct use of skills and combination of attacks is an essential factor that you must learn and choose the right skill for you.


As with many other RPG games, players will spend time experiencing immersive but equally difficult games as their difficulty increases day by day. You will spend time experiencing the weapons you receive and equipping the character. At the same time, there will be many other pieces of equipment that you can use to increase your character’s strength. Don’t forget that you need to find materials to improve the effectiveness of this equipment in the following levels.
You have to pay attention to the skill, except for basic attack skills and jumping or sliding, which are temporary. It appears with the weapon of your choice. In other words, if you switch weapons, you can see the abilities change. You will decide skills that suit your playstyle and try to level them up by upgrading weapons. These two items are updated in parallel.


When you start Shadow of Death 2, you spend time learning and improving your character’s strength. After each level, you get a certain amount of experience to increase the character’s level. At the same time, a well-known mechanism of the RPG game genre that appears in this game is skill points. You will find three main branches of stats, and each branch affects stats related to the character as it levels up. So you will use points to improve which you consider important.

Shadow of Death 2: Demon Soul

All of the above factors will contribute to your victory in battles with monsters and bosses. During the game, you will go through many levels, and you can see the boss screen. The boss is always an intriguing entity for you to overcome, and there is more than one in this game. In addition to this, the game also unlocks the mechanism that tells you the number of bosses you need to hit and acts as the boss’s leveling system for easier access.


* RPG game that will delight hack and slash fans

* 3 different characters with unique fighting styles

* Customize the appearance of the characters with different skins and weapons

* Play anytime, anywhere, even offline

* Challenge yourself in online PvP battles

The journey of Maximus continues and brings you many attractive points such as:

* The in-game environment and graphics are mysterious, enticing players to explore while traveling through different locations.

* The accessible combat system can satisfy any player with the experiences it can bring.

* Characters have different traits that you can use and take your time to reach their potential.

Shadow of Death 2: Demon Soul

* Integrated weapon system and modifiable abilities to optimize character’s attacks and increase their strength.

* Character strength depends on various factors, allowing players to build a powerful warrior that suits their playstyle.

App description

Fight Against The Shadow Legion In An Infinity War .

Aurora used to be a city of magic and swordsmanship until King Luther XV brought an apocalypse and shadow legion to the entire citizen of Aurora make them go through the darkness era.

Become a shadow knight and fight for the freedom of Aurora against the shadow legion!

• Dark Fantasy Hack ‘n’ Slash
Become a shadower on the road to free Aurora from the darkness of King
Luther XV

• Summon The Aeon
Arise powerful shadow companion on the way to slaughter all the demons. Your shadow companion have many kinds of power from pure physical
strength to archmage

Shadow of Death 2: Demon Soul

• Diverse Combat Mechanics
Collect thousands of weapons and armors set to build your own way of fighting style against the shadow legion

• Conquer The Demons
Infinite demons and monsters are waiting for you

• Defeat The Shadow
Defeat your own shadow to ascend your power through life and death battles


Join the battle of shadow RPG fighting games now
It is ideal to play Shadow of Death 2 on a device with 1GB RAM or higher.
If you are playing on a device with less RAM, you will encounter unsatisfying game performance, and we recommend playing on a device that meets the requirements instead.
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Email: [email protected]
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Whats new of Shadow of Death 2: Demon Soul []


- Added character Intro Animations to highlight their uniques.

- Improve UI to give more meaningful information.


- Revamped UI for more intuitive experience.


- Revamped UI. All you need to know daily is in one tap.

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