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Survivalist: invasion survival APK MOD [v.0.0.590] for Android

Survivalist: invasion survival [v0.0.590] APK Mod for Android
Size 506M
Latest Version 0.0.590
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Update February 5th, 2022
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Description of Survivalist: invasion survival [0.0.590]

Survivalist: invasion survival [0.0.590] updated on Saturday February 5, 2022 is the Action for Android developed by ARCANUM GAMES

Survivalist: invasion survival


Survivalist invasion survival –

An action game with RPG elements in which you will once again have to help save the world from a global catastrophe that could happen on a remote tropical island. Go to the island together with the legendary main hero and stop the secret organizations that want to harm the whole world. Travel around the island, find and open headquarters in the archipelago, search for survival resources, equipment and items to craft weapons that will help you protect yourself from enemy soldiers, dead zombies and mutant animals.

General information

Survivalist: Invasion is an exciting new survival game with advanced RPG elements. Your mission is to work with the agent to find the ideal tropical islands where secret societies and terrorist organizations conduct experiments that could dramatically change human history. Stop the upcoming global catastrophe and if you know more cool apps and games that are free, please share them with everyone in the comment box below!
Survivalist: Invasion is an anti-zombie survival game combined with a new attractive RPG element. The game’s context revolves around tropical islands known as paradise resorts, where terrorist organizations use them as bases to conduct experiments and develop viruses that can become a biological weapon that could destroy humanity.


When we talk about the gameplay, I want to divide it into two levels.

At the basic level, Survivalist: Invasion has a fairly classic gameplay that combines all the necessary qualities of an RPG, an adventure, and a survival combat game. You will explore different countries on the island, form alliances with survivors, search for resources, craft weapons and equipment, build and strengthen your army. Alongside this there is a series of confrontations with many enemies on the island, from classic zombies to mutated super-powered zombies and finally the terrorist army behind all the horrible things here.

Survivalist: invasion survival


Finding weapons and upgrading your armor are essential for roleplaying and survival games. The more weapons you equip, the higher your chances of survival. In the game, the weapon and armor system provided by the game developer succeeds thanks to the meticulously and carefully constructed storyline. You will experience many harsh environments and the difficulty will increase over time. In addition to the enemies in Survivalist: Invasion PRO you also have unique characters that you have to meet in each mission. These characters will help you to complete the tasks so that you can overcome the game’s complex challenges.


This is an exciting survival game. The game brings back the main character, the legendary hero, with challenges and tasks in this version. Also, you have to support him and help him to complete these tasks. Solve all mysteries of the island together with the main character and save the world from dangerous forces that want to destroy the world. This island is the most mysterious place on earth. Various scientists have explored this mysterious land and tried to suppress the forces within, but have not achieved much. Start exploring new lands in the game to instantly become a hero saving the world.


Survivalist: Invasion PRO is based on classic mechanics and has longstanding features in survival and role playing games. In this game, you have to explore the wilderness and look for food sources yourself. Use resources to create essential tools to help you survive, mainly weapons and construction equipment, and protect your base from enemy invasions. Lots of spooky zombies will appear around your base in the game, and incredible mutated monsters will come to harass you. Your life is always in danger and you must do whatever it takes to survive. Danger is always lurking around you, so surviving in these harsh places is important to build a solid base.

Where do survival items and resources come from?

Let’s talk a little more about how the story unfolds in Survivalist: Invasion. The archipelago is a “secret place” for terrorists and secret factions. At the same time, however, many combat troops, from unknown scientists to American intelligence operatives, have infiltrated it. The same common goal is to silently observe, fight and destroy the dark forces. They all don’t want to “draw a vine and shake the forest.” Therefore, any approach from you will cause initial doubts and apprehensions. Chat and follow information from each person, and you will get valuable hints and collect many interesting items.

Survivalist: invasion survival


* Lost in the Archipelago on a mission to uncover the mystery of the Abandoned Observatory.

* Confront head-on the plans to destroy the world of terrorist gangs.

* To defeat them, you must prepare equipment by crafting weapons and searching for valuable resources.

* The map system can be enlarged for you to quickly observe the battlefield.

* Improved post-battle mana regeneration time with reduced time.

Survivalist: invasion survival

App description

The legendary hero is off to the next task – but this time he won’t be able to win without your help! Only together you can unlock all the secrets of the archipelago lost in the ocean and save our world from the deadly threat.
Zombies and mutants are everywhere. Craft weapons!
Survivalist: invasion (survival rpg) is a new exciting survival game with advanced RPG elements. Find yourself on “paradise” tropical islands, where powerful secret societies and terrorist organizations are conducting experiments that can dramatically change the history of mankind. Stand in their way along with a special agent, known as U.N.Known, and stop the imminent global catastrophe!

Survivalist: Sudden Fallout (invasion) relies on classic, time-honored mechanics of survival games. Here you’ll have to explore the territory, search for resources, craft weapons and equipment, build and strengthen the base, engage in intense fights with various enemies – from traditional zombies to unique mutant bosses possessing superpowers. Your survival is in your own hands.

The game also offers some elaborate RPG components and a fascinating storyline. Improve your armor and weapons. Meet unique characters and complete their quests. Take part in the confrontation of several powerful factions. Be ready for a long journey full of dangers, puzzles and terrifying discoveries. This archipelago is the most mysterious place on Earth. A great number of people, from hidden scientists to American intelligence agencies, tried to subdue the forces that lurked in its depths. And only Global Revolution Army, recognized as a terrorist organization in most countries of the world, succeeded. But did they? Or is it much more complicated than seems at first glance?

You have to find this out. And the only help in such a difficult challenge will be U.N.Known, a secret agent, a former commando, a master of martial arts. Listen to his advice, but make your own decisions – and learn the harsh laws of survival on the islands of Survivalist: invasion!

Whats new of Survivalist: invasion survival [0.0.590]

1. The storyline is supplemented by new exciting quests and tasks!

2. The game has been optimized.

3. Minor bugs fixed.

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