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WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom APK MOD [v.2.4.9] for Android

WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom [v2.4.9] APK Mod for Android
Size 74M
Latest Version 2.4.9
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Update May 14th, 2022
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Description of WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom [2.4.9]

WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom [2.4.9] updated on Saturday May 14, 2022 is the Simulation for Android developed by althi Inc.

WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom

Descriptions :

WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom is an RPG game that focuses on the choices players make when it comes to living in a kingdom. You will receive the quest and try to complete it by collecting the necessary things. At the same time, some materials will appear in dangerous environments where you will have to kill monsters and you will try to improve your weapons. You can marry another character and follow the story through different generations.


In WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom, players are transported to a kingdom full of things to discover and take their first steps in life. Players will try to get life in many different ways and find the necessary ingredients. At the same time, players can interact with characters they see to obtain specific quests.
The first job you need is to create a character you want and all the developments in this game revolve around the players’ choices. In other words, players will try to build the perfect life they want and discover a fulfilling life. In addition, players can interact with the environment elements they want to collect some resources from them and of course there are many jobs for them to do.


The quest system that WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom possesses is diverse and spans many different types of requirements. These can be requests to collect a specific resource and you will quickly find what you are looking for. At the same time, this game also supports fast travel mechanism when you select the place you want to go and the character will immediately move there automatically. It is useful when it comes to saving players a lot of time.
Another type of quests that players can find is to go to dangerous places and face dangerous monsters. Players form a team with different characters, equip them with weapons and use attacks in turn-based combat. At the same time, the characteristics of turn-based combat will often revolve around the strength and use of the appropriate attack. So players will be careful especially when facing enemies in dangerous dungeons.


Once you have enough ingredients in WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom, you can quickly use them to prepare dishes in different ways. In addition, you can also create powerful weapons to complete completely new challenges. This game has a generation feature where your character can marry an unmarried character and then you can learn the story while meeting different generations of families.

Features :

* The player enters this kingdom as a traveler, becomes a citizen and finally settles down.

* Each player has their own home and field. The player can also put money aside to buy a villa.

* Seasonal celebrations, state ceremonies, festivals, weddings, births, and burial rituals allow the player to participate as a host or visitor.

* Other unmarried characters can be friends and married.

WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom

* Players can also thrive in this society by working hard on a career or learning a combat skill.

* To increase the size of his family, the player can have many children.

* The player can enjoy a long playing time spanning multiple generations of a family by passing control to descendants.

* Cooking can be done with a wide range of ingredients.

* Monsters can be slain, and dungeons or forests can be explored for materials or ingredients for cooking and weapon crafting.

* Players can participate in martial arts competitions to become the number one hero of the kingdom.

* The player has complete freedom to do or not do whatever he wants.

* The library contains information about the history of the kingdom spanning many centuries.
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App description

This may not be a game?(This is a game.)
Eternal time to get family and take over to descendants.

WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom

Unprecedented, stand-alone RPG and life simulator. Let’s start the kingdom life now.
It’s everything You want in a RPG.
Let’s immigrate to the free and peaceful kingdom and enjoy your another life.

Enjoy a free life with love and adventure.
Quests, battles, item gathering, harvest, love, marriage, even raising children.
An easy-going, relaxed play experience.
Real life takes on new meaning.

“WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom” is a simulation game that allows the player to enjoy a free lifestyle in an elaborate sandbox kingdom. The large number of AI characters that are moving about the kingdom and to whom the player can communicate make the player feel just as if they were playing an online game.
Since it’s release, “World Neverland – Elnea Kingdom” has seen over 60 updates with improvements and content enhancements reflecting the requests of players.

Twitter :

【Game Outline】
World Neverland is an original game made using an overhead community simulation system that is patented in Japan.
What makes this game unique from others of the same genre is that it feels as if it is simulating a living society. The kingdom that sets the stage for this game includes details such as realms, buildings, and even a national system. This creates a virtual community in which hundreds of people live. The various AI characters act of their own free will.

– The player arrives in this kingdom as a traveler, becomes a citizen, and then lives there.

WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom

– Each player has a house and field. The player can also save money to move into a mansion.
– The player can participate as the head of or a guest at events such as seasonal functions, state ceremonies, festivals, marriages, childbirths, and funeral services.
– Players can become friends with and marry other unmarried characters.
– Players can also work hard at a job or martial art to find success in this world.
– The player can also have several children to increase the size of their family.
– By transferring their control to offspring, the player can experience a long period of play over several generations of a family.
– Cooking can also be done using a variety of ingredients.
– Monsters can be defeated and dungeons or forests explored to gather resources or ingredients for cooking and making weapons.
– Martial arts tournaments can be entered, allowing players to compete to be the number one hero in the kingdom.
– The player is free to do, or not do, what they wish.
– The kingdom has a history of several hundred years, which can be read about in the library.

– Conpatibilty
Requires Android OS 6.0 or later. 3Gbyte Free RAM
Devices with Intel CPU are not supported.

Whats new of WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom [2.4.9]


Minor bug fixes and changes.


・During event scenes, graphics of the face of the person speaking are now shown.

・You can now enjoy a refreshing tea time experience after returning home together.

・The "Tavern" location has been added to the destinations for outings with your spouse.

・You can now pray at locations such as the Shiznee Temple altar.

・Account deletion is now available.

And a number of other changes and minor bug fixes have been made.

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