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Talking Tom Gold Run APK MOD [v.] for Android

Talking Tom Gold Run [v5.7.1.978] APK Mod for Android
Size 112M
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Update February 12th, 2022
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Description of Talking Tom Gold Run []

Talking Tom Gold Run [] updated on Saturday February 12, 2022 is the Action for Android developed by Outfit7 Limited

Talking Tom Gold Run


Talking Tom Gold Run –

Funny Rainer, with the well-known heroes Talking Tom and Talking Angela. One day, when Tom unsuspectingly saw a car overturn and a pile of gold spilled out, Tom realized it was a real robber and chased him. Help Tom and Angela catch the robber and get the gold back. Tom and Angela’s new friends are also waiting for you in the game!
Run as fast as you can, unlock new locations and catch up with the raccoon thief. During the race you can use various “boosters” that will help you quickly cover the distance and collect as much gold as possible. Collect gold and rebuild the houses of our main characters. In pursuit of the thief, face a raccoon boss in battle, teach him a lesson and get your loot. The game also has missions for which you can get additional bonuses. Each mission is completed during the run. Get your friends Tom and Angela, you will need them to overpower the thief. And for more results, use the internal shop, buy boosters and catch the thief as soon as possible!


Coming to Talking Tom Gold Run, players should know that the character they seek and hunt is none other than Rakoonz. He is a professional bandit and has a high level of competence. He spontaneously robbed the gold store in broad daylight and showed no signs of fear. In order to get back the gold from last year to now, the player has to work hard to catch up and fight to get back the lost gold.


In Talking Tom Gold Run, players are free to run and race through the streets. On the way of chasing the enemy, players have to overcome many difficulties and obstacles. You should not be subjective and not be wary of obstacles when running on the highway. Be an innovative and agile player who knows how to handle intense situations. In addition, you should choose the right time to actively attack and defend. In addition, you can further increase your running speed with helmet flashes or magnets.


In this game, the character Tom is not the only one, and players can conveniently and freely decide another friend to stick together on a long journey. Like Angela, Hank, Ben, .. And many other characters. However, in order to decide the consistency you want, you must conquer and unlock their screen. Let’s fight and hunt, your character to catch the bandit brave hero badge and complete the task that is waiting for you.


Here you have the right to join many other players around the world. This will expand your relationships and give you the opportunity to make friends and interact with many friends from different countries. Through this feature, you can learn and discover great gameplay from them. Therefore, your level in the robber hunt increases with each game. Also, don’t forget to introduce everyone around you to join in to add to the fun and attraction. Take part in the races to be able to compete for the outstanding prize on the podium.


Talking Tom Gold Run

This robber catching journey will experience a journey through many famous and beautiful places and locations. You will have a lot of fun and immerse yourself in a lot of fun as you go through mysterious tunnels and go to the subway, new lands, beautiful streets, … and much more. Thanks to this, you could open your eyes more to how majestic and beautiful the world around them is.


The manufacturer has invested a lot in building and designing the user interface of this game. Each scene is shown in a realistic, sharp and very subtle and sharp way. Not only that, but the characters here are lovingly constructed and leave a strong impression on players, especially children. In addition, the music creates excitement in the journey to capture the enemy that helped make a perfect game like this one.


After playing this game, you will receive attractive and meaningful gifts that the game brings when you win. Not only that, you will also learn a lot of experience and gain more skills on how to catch enemies. In addition, thanks to this game, you will have a fun and humorous entertainment and relaxation area that will bring you a lot of laughter and will dispel all the worries and melancholy in your soul. You will become an energetic and positive thinker.


No matter who you are, you can participate in this enemy hunt. As long as you have the passion and desire for entertainment, you have the right to download this game and enjoy it freely. What’s more, this is also a free game, and you don’t have to spend any money but also have the opportunity to explore and experience these extraordinary levels.


* For any app to be successful, it must excel in the UI department, which simply put is the ease with which the user can enjoy the basic features and gameplay. The concept has become so popular that the creators have taken it upon themselves to design a gaming platform built with one of the most exciting yet simple user interfaces that can be understood and enjoyed by any type of Android user without any concerns.
* The new concern among Android game developers is the Android game’s lack of ability to retain players. This happens because the user is provided with restricted game content and repeated use by the player. That’s why the creators designed the game with the best game modes and difficulty levels, with each difficulty level testing a different skill of the player in a dynamic game environment.
* There is a wide variety of characters that can be unlocked by the user as the game progresses, with each character having their own unique skills and abilities that will help the player perform specific stunts and even overcome the difficulty levels with the utmost ease. The creators have made it their mission to provide the best gaming experience. So keep collecting gold and unlock your favorite characters and complete the toughest challenges.
* If you think that the game is designed so that you can walk through the same landscape, then you couldn’t be more wrong because the creators have filled the game with a huge collection of different game landscapes that will pop up as you progress the game and will bring you new, unprecedented obstacles. So if you think you are the best player out there, then you just have to survive through the different landscapes.
* What makes the game different from all similar competitions is the fact that the player has the opportunity to build houses for Talking Tom and other special characters with the collected gold bars. In addition to the current game, the player should also get the feeling of playing the original Talking Tom gameplay. It’s like buying one and getting a free quote.

Talking Tom Gold Run

What’s more in the Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk?

A game where the player has to control Tom while trying to capture as many gold bars as possible can be made more interesting if the player gets an advantage. This is where the mod apk comes in and offers the user the benefit of getting unlimited money. This allows the player to purchase the highest quality items and potions from the store right at the start of the game, giving the player the best foot forward and helping you defeat the most difficult opponents with the utmost ease. With the advantage that the mod apk outshines the basic version.

App description

Somebody stop Roy Rakoon!
This pesky raccoon nabbed all the gold. Now players must help Talking Tom speed, slide and dodge through wild worlds to snatch the treasure and catch up to Roy.
– Thrilling chases
– Action-packed time trials
– Exciting worlds
– Awesome power ups
– Friends to unlock
– Fun new outfits
Players can unlock Talking Angela, Ginger, Ben and Hank as they go!
From Outfit7, creators of My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela, My Talking Tom Friends and Talking Tom Hero Dash.
This app is certified by PRIVO, an FTC Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Safe Harbor.

This app contains:

Talking Tom Gold Run

– Promotion of Outfit7’s products and advertising;
– Links that direct customers to Outfit7’s websites and other apps;
– Personalization of content to encourage users to play the app again;
– YouTube integration to allow users to watch videos of Outfit7’s animated characters;
– The option to make in-app purchases;
– Items to purchase (available in different prices) using virtual currency, depending on the player’s progress; and
– Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchases using real money.

Terms of use:
EEA privacy policy:
US privacy policy:
Brazil privacy policy:
Rest of the world privacy policy:
Customer support: [email protected]

Whats new of Talking Tom Gold Run []


Experience the beauty of Ancient China and collect red envelopes to unlock General Tom and Lucky Angela.

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